CARES Act Grants for Parents

In-Home Grants for Families

In August, Montana dedicated $10 million to help families facing special circumstances that resulted in the need to keep children at home rather than in school or child care. Households with children ages 0-18 with a medically vulnerable family member, a child with remote learning challenges, or in communities that have no school age care available were eligible for $4,000 grants. That program launched in August and eligible families received $4,000 grants.

As of October 31st, The Nurturing Center awarded the entire $1.8 million to 456 families in Flathead, Lake, Lincoln, and Sanders counties. There are approximately 3,500 families on the waiting list statewide.

It is possible that Montana will allocate additional funds to this program in which case the waiting list will be prioritized. The Nurturing Center continues to accept applications for possible inclusion on the waiting list.

Emergency Housing Assistance Program The Emergency Housing Assistance Program serves eligible Montanan families, who because of the COVID-19 emergency or the response to that emergency, have suffered substantial financial hardship and lack sufficient income or resources to pay housing costs. 

  • The program can pay the difference between 30% of the household’s reduced gross monthly income due to COVID-19 impact, and their eligible housing assistance costs (monthly rent or mortgage payment plus monthly hazard insurance, if applicable and not paid directly by mortgage servicer), up to $2,000/month. 
  • A housing assistance calculator is available on our 
  • The program can currently assist eligible households with housing costs from April through September 2020.

Total funding available is $50 million.  A comprehensive information resource and application portal is available at