Active Parenting (0-4 Year Olds)

The Active Parenting goal is that you will learn the following:

• Discipline methods that work
• How to make rules your child will follow
• The best ways to childproof your home
• Great ways to take care of yourself!
• How to prevent tantrums
• How to create routines that make life easier
• How to care for your child at different stages
• Plus you’ll meet many other parents of preschoolers – just like you

Each participant will receive tips, resources and a booklet to take home after the classes are over.  Take this workshop and see the wonderful difference it makes for you and your family!

Active Parenting Now (5-11 Year Olds)

Happy families aren’t born… they are made one day at a time.  We’re bringing the Active Parenting Now program to you.  This workshop will show you effective ways to:

• Use non-violent discipline techniques that work
• Cope with difficult topics
• Stimulate independence
• Improve communications
• Defuse power struggles
• Encourage your children to be their very best!


Playgroups are offered to give parents and their children a chance to connect with others through fun and interactive activities.  We offer both indoor and outdoor opportunities, depending on the season.

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Circle of Security

The Circle of Security program focuses on strengthening the parent-child relationship, building a child’s self-esteem, and empowering parents to use and expand upon the skills that they already have.

Families Connecting Families Groups

Flathead Families Connecting Families is a platform for connecting parents to their community.  Our goals are to empower parents with knowledge about child development and challenging them to engage with their children.  We also focus on providing access to community resources and sharing of community events for families with children 0-8.  Join our Facebook Page for community, resources and monthly prizes!


Children in Between

A comprehensive education program for divorcing parents… that works!  This class targets specific problem behaviors within the family dynamics, teaches specific skills for parents and is proven to be effective.

For more information contact Kelsey or Hattie at 406-756-1414 ext *210 or,


Our services are grounded in the six protective factors:

1 Social & Emotional Competence
2 Knowledge of Parent & Child Development
3 Concrete Support
4 Parent Resilience
5 Social Connections
6 Nurture & Attachment